[column class="column1a"]One-to-one treatments can be booked at our clinics at St Johns Wood and South Woodford by calling
0208 530 1146[/column][column class="column6"]Just as an athlete prepares for a marathon with regular exercise, specific foods and supplements during pregnancy, Dr Motha has found that there are very simple and effective treatments which help the mother's body to be birth-fit and these treatments include:ReflexologyReflexologyDr Motha pioneered the use of reflexology for pregnant mothers in 1987 and an initial trial was carried out in Forest Gate London in 1992.  The outcome of receiving a set of ten treatments during pregnancy was amazing, with 89% of women having normal deliveries, the average duration of labour times being 2 - 6 hours.Reflexology is a pressure point treatment on the feet.  Each point detoxes and relaxes organs and muscles in the body and increases energy levels.   These treatments on the feet are extremely helpful in preparing the mother for birth.READ MORECreative Healing Massage treatmentsCreative Healing was introduced into the programme as a result of the obvious need for the lower back, sacrum and coccyx (together with the muscles associated with those areas), to be extremely mobile and free from congestion to facilitate a gentle birth.2010_1028_Oct201002312010_1028_Oct201002282010_1028_Oct201002572010_1028_Oct201002312010_1028_Oct2010026912010_1028_Oct20100214Creative Healing offers

  • General and pelvic lymphatic drainage
  • Abdominal toning - massage for baby and uterus
  • Digestive treatment - toning pancreas and liver
  • Heart treatment - improve cardiac efficiency
  • Back and neck treatment
  • Sciatic treatment

READ MOREBowen techniqueBowen simply "re-connects" parts of the body with the brain, using the many receptors distributed throughout the body.  The practitioner, using thumbs and fingers, makes very gentle, rolling-type moves over precise points on the body.  Bowen can begin at any time during pregnancy.  It is safe and non-invasive.  Bowen has particular uses for relieving back pain and sciatica.  If the baby is overdue, certain gentle Bowen moves on the coccyx can be done to encourage labour.[images to come]READ MORESpecialised treatments including Alexander Technique, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Ayurvedic Diet and lifestyle consultations and Gentle Birth full body pregnancy massage.Also offered are one-to-one advice on pre and post natal nutritional supplements, herbs.We also offer a traditional Ayurvedic post-natal care package for 40 days.[/column] [end_columns]