The book Gentle Birth Method is indeed a gentle reminder to mothers who wish that their birth process will feel gentle — while giving birth.

Of course I am asking for a lifestyle change ! I do hope that you can follow the instructions  to term.
It might be an idea to offer your system some support by taking a chromium supplement that reduces cravings for carbohydrates and this will enable you to give up food that contains gluten.

I also advice mothers to keep away from Muesli as these are compressed grains that are too difficult for mothers to digest! the intestines in pregnant mothers are like cotton wool and they need to be treated very very gently. Cereals scratch the inner lining of a pregnant mothers gut and cause inflammation, and this leads to poor absorption of essential nutrients from the intestine.

As a pregnant mother you know how important it is to keep up your energy levels throughout your pregnancy; and during your post-natal breast feeding phase. We need to keep you healthy and energetic for you and your baby.

I sometimes advice a mother who finds it difficult to give up wheat — to eat wheat at one meal at the weekends.
Often, I get a report back that the resultant bloating in the gut has resulted in her spontaneously giving up eating wheat!!

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