Melissa’s Birth Story

I began using the Gentle Birth Method about 3 months into my pregnancy and I
believe I had the most amazing birth because of my dedication to this
method. I had a very peaceful water birth at The Family Birth Centre in
Subiaco, I was in labour for 8 hours, spending about 3 hours in the bath
pushing Owen out though it didn't seem that long to me, he weighed 9 pounds
1 ounce, which was a massive surprise as I didn't look that big and having
such a good diet didn't think my baby would be that large, even though he
still came out without any intervention (you have to do the pre

Melinda Stevens Birth Story – July 2006

I write to tell you about the birth of my daughter Nell Bang on her due date of the 2nd July. Three hours from start to Finish! I was crying out for an Epidural, it has to be said, because the contractions came thick and fast but the anathetist was otherwise engaged! Out she came at top speed in 3 pushes -lots of dark hair and simply gorgeous.

Thank you Gowri for all your help & support – no episitomy, no tears, no stiches. I was thrilled. Please thank Kasia & Debbie for me too.

Lots of love
Melinda Stevens