Practitioner Network

Practitioner Network


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Practitioners interested in joining the Jeyarani Gentle Birth method practitioner network.

Dr. Motha wishes to open up the possibility for practitioners in the UK and worldwide to join the GBM network. Many practitioners have suitable qualifications and personal gifts that can enable them to prepare mothers for a gentle birth. This has prompted our initiative to open up our Gentle Birth practitioner network to practitioners who would like to be on our referral list.

If you would like to join our associates network, please fill out this form and submit it to us. We will then conduct a telephone interview prior to offer our membership.

Practitioners may need to attend one of our specialist courses before becoming a fully accredited GBM practitioner.

Practitioners who wish to remain on our network on an annual basis will be required to attend a one-day update seminar per year.

Annual membership fee £40

Types of membership:

  • Fully Accredited Jeyarani way GBM practitioners
  •  Associates of GBM
  •  Recognized Practitioners



Please make sure you fill out our form in Practitioner Network before you send any payments, Once you have made a payment email us to confirm so we can activate your account on our network.