Perineal and Vaginal oil + 2 bandage gauzes 200ml

Perineal and Vaginal oil + 2 bandage gauzes 200ml


This oil is sourced and prepared by a registered Ayurvedic pharmacy based in Kerala. To be used from 36 weeks to birth.
This oil helps to aid the birth by helping the perineum to expand smoothly during birth. Many mothers have reported back that using the oil has helped them to have an intact perineum after giving birth. Ingredients: Bala, Dasamoola, Devadaru, Kushta, Shatavari, Tagara, Chandana, Sesame Oil.

Stretching Technique

After 36 weeks of pregnancy Dr Motha also recommends that mothers perform a specially devised massage that helps soften and stretch the lower vaginal tissues ready for birthing. It also shortens the pushing stage and reduces vaginal and perineal trauma. Dr Motha can teach this technique to you during an appointment with her, or alternatively it is described fully in our book, “The Gentle Birth Method – month by month programme ”.

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