Stem cell collection by Cells4Life who offer a technique that supports delayed cord clamping

Stem cell collection by Cells4Life who offer a technique that supports delayed cord clamping

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Exclusive Cord Blood Banking Services – Cells4Life

Cells4Life is the UK’s leading cord blood stem cell bank and the only bank to offer the world’s best processing technology, CellsPlus, powered by TotiCyte.

CellsPlus provides 3 times more stem cells at the point of treatment than any other cord blood service available.  This is crucial, as the number of cells in a cord blood sample determines both the size and weight of person that that sample can treat, and the number of treatments it could be used for. The more stem cells the better.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are already the standard treatment for over 80 different diseases, and are showing really promising outcomes for the treatment of Cerebral Palsy, Autism, stroke, heart disease and many other common conditions.

Capturing your baby’s own stem cells at birth is quick, simple and completely safe, and helps to ensure that they are prepared for the future medicine.

CellsPlus – the only cord blood banking service compatible with delayed and optimal cord clamping

Increasing numbers of parents are turning to delayed and optimal cord clamping to help give their baby a healthy start to life.

Delayed and especially optimal cord clamping will usually mean that there is less blood left in the umbilical cord for cord blood collection.  As a result these samples are usually too small for most processing methods, or will simply not contain enough stem cells to be therapeutically useful.

Cells4Life’s CellsPlus service can process the very small volumes of blood left after ‘waiting for white’, meaning cord blood banking is now compatible with the longest of delays, and because CellsPlus delivers 3 times more cells, these samples are equivalent to much larger samples processed using another method.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the birth process, there are never any guarantees, however choosing CellsPlus gives you the very best opportunity to protect your baby’s health at birth with delayed cord clamping, and for the future by storing their stem cells.

How does it work?

Saving cord blood stem cells is simple, easy and completely safe for you and baby.  The procedure takes place on the cord and placenta in a separate room after the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut, and is designed to fit around your birth plan, meaning it is compatible with pretty much every birth choice that you can think of.

Here are the steps:

  1. Request your Welcome Pack from Cells4Life
  2. Complete the consent forms and order your collection kit and phlebotomy service (if needed).
  3. Add cord blood banking to your birth plan
  4. When you go into labour simply call your phlebotomist or give your kit to your doctor to perform the collection
  5. After the placenta has been delivered your phlebotomist or doctor will collect the samples and hand the kit to your birth partner
  6. Call Cells4Life’s dedicated, 24/7 medical courier service to collect the samples
  7. Cells4Life will process and test the samples as soon as they arrive and place them into cryogenic storage
  8. Cells4Life will provide you with the test results and your certificate of storage
  9. When you need to use the sample, simply contact Cells4Life and they will be able to arrange everything for you

How much does it cost?

Cord blood banking with Cells4Life starts at £1,595 for cord blood only and £2,190 for cord blood and cord tissue.

The only fee due prior to baby’s arrival is a £195 deposit which is deducted from the total price of the service.

If you are giving birth at a hospital that will not perform the procurement, you may need to use the phlebotomy service. The fee for the phlebotomy service is £300, payable with the deposit.

All prices include the first year of storage; after the first year there is an annual £50 storage fee, for Cord Blood and a £50 annual fee for the Cord Tissue.