Creative Healing for fertility and female disorders – DVD

Creative Healing for fertility and female disorders - DVD


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presented by Dr Gowri Motha

The Creative Healing female treatment is recommended 5 days prior to menstruation to treat female disorders and to enhance fertility. Restoring total health to the body contributes to the optimal functioning of the reproductive system therefore treatments for the kidneys, heart, digestive system, spine and sacrum sciatic areas are included in the fertility treatment schedule. Dr Motha has compiled a creative healing treatment schedule for fertility and female disorders.

Creative Healing treatments for fertility and female disorders involve:

General Treatment (Lymphatic Drainage): The most important aspect of Creative Healing is the initial preparation with the general lymphatic drainage treatment. This is done on the front of the neck, the upper back, middle back and sacrum.

Kidney Treatment: Helps the kidneys excrete wastes and excrete excessive tissue fluids. There is also a fertility verve centre that is treated along with the kidney treatment.

Sacrum and Sciatic Treatment: Decongests the pelvis and enhances sacral nerve function.
Abdominal Toning: Preparatory massage on the abdomen that realigns energy lines before applying the female treatment.
Female Treatment: Decongests and tones the reproductive organs.
Heart Treatment: Tones the heart and improves blood circulation to the whole body including the ovaries and the uterus. This also treats the emotional centre of the body calming anxieties and fears.
Note: It is possible for your partner (or a friend or local therapist) to do some of these Creative Healing treatments on you at home.