Sally van Kooten’s Birth Story

I was introduced to the Gentle Birth Method by a friend who passed on the book to me. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter 12 days ago having used the book and the accompanying reflexology DVD and yoga DVD throughout my pregnancy. My husband has become an expert in reflexology overe the past 9 months!

I am an expat living in Switzerland and decided to follow the Gentle Birth Method as my guide and birth preparation method. The local antinatal classes are all in French and as I don’t speak the language sufficiently opted with my husband to prepare for the birth of our daughter together using the Gentle Birth

I am really grateful for the Gentle Birth Method as I had a 3.5 hour labour and delivered my first born in a birthing pool with no medication and no tearing. I have also managed to have no stretch marks. The midwife even asked how I had managed such calm and beautiful birth. I truely believe that the visulisation, breathing and yoga allowed my daughter to be born so calmly. She is an extremely content little girl and is amazingly calm.

Unfortunately I had a retained placenta and had to have emergency surgery after the birth. However I am extremely happy to have brought Harriet safely into the world and now have lovely memories of her birth.

Thank you for making it possible to follow the Gentle Birth Method from your book. I cannot recommend this method high enough and now do so to my pregnant friends.

Best wishes from a very happy Mum.

Sally van Kooten

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