Introduction to Gentle Birth Method

Get to know the basics and understand the fundamentals of the method and how it applies to your body and soul throughout your exciting, transformational journey as a mom, parents. The aim of ‘The Jeyarani Way’ Gentle Birth Method Self-hypnosis and Visualisation programme is to increase confidence, deepen bonding between mother, father and baby removing fear of the birth process.

Date: Saturday 7th February 2015
Starts: 10am, Ends: 2pm

Venue: The Kailash Centre, Newcourt Street, St John’s Wood, London NW8 7AA

This session is for you if you are a new joiner to classes or for friends you’d like to introduce to the wonders of Gentle Birth Method. Hosted by Dr Gowri personally it will be a day of getting acquainted with the method, and learning how you can, as a couple, tap into its benefits to help you throughout your pregnancy.

The programme includes:

  • 10am: An overview of the method explaining the importance of each area including morning and evening teas
  • One Hour: Introduction to self-hypnosis
  • One Hour: Couples massage
  • 12:30 Refreshments: tea and a gluten free treat
  • 30 Mins: Explaining labour and use of homeopathy and oils for pelvic and vaginal preparation
  • 40 Mins Brief talks and Q&A on yoga (including demonstration of funny walks) and breast-feeding

Price: £60 per couple (£30 per person).

Please call 0208 530 1146 or click here to book your place.

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