Gentle Birth Method Postnatal Massage

We are delighted to offer an amazing opportunity for Massage Practitioners to come and learn an art of Post Natal Massage.

This special massage technique is developed by Dr. Gowri Motha and her Team, sharing years of experience and insight by using kkllAyurveda , Reflexology,  Creative Healing and Cranio-sacral Therapy to treat new mothers.

New Mothers have challenge of looking after new born baby and themselves in this busy lifestyle.

This Course provide special treatment and diet plan for New Mothers in order to

  • Detox and Cleanse the body system
  • Provide Nourshiment
  • Increase Strength


This course is offered over the period of 2 long weekends i.e Friday/Saturday/Sunday, In 6 intensive hands-on days we will cover the following areas.

  • Back Massage and General Treatment
  • Leg Massage – Front and Back
  • Foot Massage with Pressure Points
  • Female Treatment ( Natural Birth and C-Section)2010_1028_Oct20100228
    • Abdominal toning
    • Pelvic Drainage
    • Digestive Toneup
    • Pancreatic Treatment
    • Liver Treatment
    • Kidney Treatment
    • Constipation Spots
  • Shoulder and Neck
  • Head Massage with Marma Points

You will also learn about Pinda Sweda

  • How to use Herb boluses (Potlies) during massage
  • How to use wrap and its benefits


In order to ensure a place in this course please fill out the form below as we are running small groups only.

You will receive an email with further details shortly.


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