Self-Hypnosis Courses for Practitioners

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Self-Hypnosis and Visualisation Course for Practitioners – 2 days

The course offers training to practitioners with the following modules, with demonstrations on how to prepare mothers and their partners for birth:

  •  Progressive muscle relaxation
  •  Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy and birth
  •  Finding a mental  “safe place”
  •  Hypnotic confidence-building techniques
  •  Hypnotic fear release
  •  Specific scripts to dispel fears in case mothers have developed a medical condition
  •  Autonomic nerve sedation – roots of lungs, and heart. Roots of intestines and the uterus
  •  Pancreatic function and digestion
  •  Preparing the uterus for birth, visualising detox and clearing the lymphatics of the uterus
  •  Breathing focus – Pranayama and Alternate Nostril Breathing – Anulom Vilom
  •  Breathing technique that relaxes the TMJ – Holographic breathing
  •  Mentally dissolving tissue boundaries. Colloidal body and jelly visualisation
  •  Birth rehearsal – visualisation
  •  Strategies to help a small for dates baby
  •  Visualise the relaxation and loosening of the spinal muscles to ease musculo-skeletal problems
  •  Visualisation to improve lymphatic drainage and kidney function
  •  Optimal foetal positioning
  •  1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester development
  •  Demonstration of the metamorphic technique

Metamorphic technique can be practised by couples throughout pregnancy.