Self hypnosis and Visualization Practitioners

Gowri Motha
South Woodford – E18, St John’s Wood- NW8, London- E11
Dr Gowri Motha is a holistic obstetrician, combining medical training with expertise in a number of complementary therapies. Gowri loves helping others feel energetic, healthy and happy and has been using healing for over 20 years. She has created the Jeyarani gentle birth method, which offers creative healing with other therapies such as reflexology, craniosacral therapy and ayurveda. She also uses creative healing to treat a range of concerns, including fertility.


0208 530 1146
Reflexology, Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Bowen, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy
Theta Healing
Sherine Lovegrove
South Woodford – E18,
St John’s Wood- NW8,
London- E11
Sherine practises reflexology, creative healing, reiki and self hypnosis with a particular focus on stress management in addition to the gentle birth programme. She is a trained midwife and has worked with Gowri Motha for six years.


0208 530 1146
Reflexology, Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Theta Healing
Christine Thompson
Oswestry – SY11
Shrewsbury- SY2
Wrexham- LL13
Christine practiced the gentle Birth Method when pregnant with her 2 children and was so pleased with the results that she decided to learn more and become a Gentle Birth Method Associate herself. Christine is also a recognised Doula.


0208 530 1146
Reflexology, Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Massage
Fiona Winterton
Wokingham – RG40
Maidenhead – SL6
Henley- RG9
Fiona became passionate about working with pregnant mums after helping her own daughter through her first pregnancy and seeing first hand how much easier birthing could be by using self hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques. Fiona is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master .


0118 934 9489
Self hypnosis and Visualization
Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT
Sue Burgess
South Yorkshire – S20
Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Doncaster-
Barnsley, Worksop, Harrogate, Nottinghamshire
Sue enjoys using her therapies, especially in relation to pregnancy and post pregnancy care and, has been an enthusiastic advocate of the Gentle Birth Method for the past 4 years, encouraging all her clients to gain guidance from the book along with her practical support throughout their pregnancies. Initially qualified and experienced in Massage, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Reiki, Sue qualified in the Bowen Technique in 2007 in order for her to be able to offer a service further in line with Dr Gowrie Motha’s methods.
0114 247 0576
Reflexology, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Bowen, Reiki
Sally Bryant
Lichfield – WS13
Staffordshire- WS14
Worcester – WR1
Sally Bryant is a registered Homoeopath, successful Coach and Complementary Health Practitioner who specialises in the treatment of the mind, body and soul. She is a passionate and caring individual who strives to help people to bring their health & well-being into balance. She works with sensitivity and compassion, particularly in the area of sub fertility, Preconception, Pregnancy and the Post natal period, this an area where she believes Homoeopathy and Maternity Reflexology work side by side in harmony.
0208 530 1146
Reflexology, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Crystal Therapy
Maternity reflexology
NLP Practitioner
Time line therapy
Susie Gower
St Albans –
0208 530 1146
Reflexology, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Elke Birkner-Gensch (Heilpraktikerin)
Berlin, Germany
Elke Birkner-Gensch ist Massage Therapeutin und Heilpraktikerin. Sie lebte 17 an der Westküste der USA wo sie auch Ihre Massage Ausbildung absolvierte. Es folgten Weiterbildungen in Thailand und in Europa. Seit 2002 ist sie Heilpraktikerin in Berlin. Ihre Praxis Schwerpunkte sind Körperarbeit, Behandlung von Allergien (NAET) und Lebensberatungen basierend auf der Philosophie von Louise L. Hay. Mitunter bietet sie Massage Kurse an. Bitte besuchen Sie auch .

Elke Birkner-Gensch is a massage therapist and a naturopath. She lived 17 years on the West Coast of the USA where she studied massage and graduated as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon. She continuously deepened her knowledge as well in the States as in Thailand and Europe. In 2002 she passed her exam as a “Heilpraktikerin” in Berlin/Germany. Besides teaching massage classes she has been offering various types of bodywork, NAET allergy treatments and life coaching based on the philosophy of Louise L. Hay. please also visit


0208 530 1146
Reflexology, Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
NAET Allergy Treatments
Claudia A. Pfeiffer (Heilpraktikerin)
Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany.
Claudia A. Pfeiffer is licensed Heilpraktiker – she runs her own practice focusing on female health. With her holistic approach to female health, she guides her patients through all stages of their life as a woman; including pregnancy and as a certified doula also emotionally through the birth process. More information on Claudia is available at:, Phone +49-6897-95 22 734

Claudia A. Pfeiffer ist Heilpraktikerin in eigener Praxis mit Schwerpunkt Frauengesundheit. Sie begleitet Patientinnen ganzheitlich auf ihrem Lebensweg als Frau; so auch in und durch die Schwangerschaft und als ausgebildete Doula emotional durch Geburt. Weiterführende Informationen:, Tel. +49 (0) 6897 / 95 22 734
+49 (0) 6897 / 95 22 734
Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Cell Salt Therapy (Dr. Schüßler)
CQM (Chinese Quantum Method) and
Systemic work
Judith Kulesza
Düsseldorf – Köln – Bonn
Judith is licensed midwife, natural healer and yoga teacher. She runs her own practice since 1990. With creative healing and fertility-massages, herbs, nutrition guidelines, fertility-yoga, mental and psychologic attendance, creative visualisation and prenatal-yoga, she works with women and couples who want to get pregnant and with those who are pregnant and wish a gentle and natural birth. For more information, please visit or call 0049 211 56658155.

Judith ist als staatlich examinierte Hebamme, Heilpraktikerin und Yogalehrerin seit 1990 selbständig in eigener Praxis. Sie bietet Frauen und Paaren mit Creative Healing, Fruchtbarkeitsmassage, Pflanzenheilkunde, Ernährungsberatung, Fruchtbarkeitsyoga, Kreativem Visualisieren, Geburtsvorbereitender Massage und körperbewußter Geburtsvorbereitung mit Yoga Unterstützung vom Kinderwunsch bis zum Wunschkind an. Mehr Infos auf oder 0049 211 56658155.


0049 211 56658155
Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Creative Healing Massage
Fertility-Massage / Fruchtbarkeitmassage
Fertility-Yoga / Fruchtbarkeitsyoga
Hypno Birthing
Touch for Health
Yoga Nidra & Visualisation
Lesley Byfield MAR
Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, Junction 17/18 M25
Lesley Byfield is a qualified Reflexologist and a member of the association of Reflexologist since 2007. She has been in practice for over 6 years and completed the following courses specific to Fertility and Pregnancy -Reflexology and visualisation for fertility, Pregnancy & Menstruation and Reflexology for Fertility, the interface between acupressure and reflexology. Lesley is also fully qualified in Bach Flower remedies, which help with emotions and are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy.


07771 530514
Reflexology, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Bach Flower remedies