Recognized Practitioners

Marina Matuschewski
South Woodford – E18, St John’s Wood- NW8, London- E11
I became a qualified Dipl. Hypnotherapist and Councillor in 2012 and I am a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society. Three years ago I started to work with Dr Gowri Motha and became a Gentle Birth Method practitioner. I offer Visualisation for birth preparation and Creative Healing. When I am not doing this I am a mother of three nearly grown-ups and in my previous life I was a hotel manager for many years.
I am also a German national, so obviously I have no sense of humour whatsoever!


0208 530 1146
Reflexology, Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Fiona Winterton
Wokingham – RG40
Maidenhead – SL6
Henley- RG9
Fiona became passionate about working with pregnant mums after helping her own daughter through her first pregnancy and seeing first hand how much easier birthing could be by using self hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques. Fiona is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master .


0118 934 9489
Self hypnosis and Visualization
Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT
Janet Brown
Amersham – HP6
South East
Janet Brown is a Complementary Therapist based in Amersham, Bucks. She specialises in Pre-Conception & Pregnancy Reflexology, the Bowen Technique & BabyReflex.
01494 728482/07762 385887
Bee David
Bee David
Sevenoaks – TN13
Bee’s interest in Reflexology and Aromatherapy massage developed during her nursing career in the NHS, qualifying in 1992 in Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Since then she has set up her own independent practice offering these treatments to her clients. She feel strongly that complementary therapies have an important role to play in general well-being and views these healing therapies not as an alternative but as truly complementary to orthodox medicine. She uses these therapies to address a range of health issues and has a special interest in fertility concerns and supports women throughout their pregnancies. It is extremely rewarding for her to see the positive therapeutic outcomes that so many of her clients experience.
0208 530 1146
Jane Steare
Sevenoaks – TN1
Tunbridge Wells
Bromley- BR1
Jane Steare is a qualified Reflexologist with 20 years experience treating a wide range of conditions including fertility and pre-natal and post-natal reflexology. She has completed AOR approved courses in Maternity Reflexology with Suzanne Enzer; and also with Sally Earlam at the Central London College of Reflexology. Jane has been a full Member of the Association of Reflexologists since 1991.
0208 530 1146
Jo Harrison
Bristol – BS
North Somerset – G1
South London / Central London- SW
I have been interested in the journey of pregnant women into motherhood for a long time. I trained as a reflexlogist 15 years ago and have taught yoga to pregnant women in various venues, includng two London teaching hospitals, since 1999. I then went on to study Thai Massage, an excellent therapy based on acupressure, which uses applied yoga-type stretches and is a holistic treatment. I studied Creative Healing with Dr Gowri and have viewed this as a whole new learning journey with powerful and far-reaching benefits.


07837 944 993
Reflexology, Creative Healing
Thai yoga massage
Yoga for pregnancy
Nada Rashed
I have been working with reflexology to treat my patients due to my great belief in all its tremedous benefits. I’m also a Homeopath and an intrenational member of Lakeland School in England. I sometimes integrate color therapy with reflexology if needed which adds an overall balancing affect for the whole body.
I’m currently working towards completing my certificate in Targer approach which patients find very helpful to release some of their muscle tension after the reflexology session especially when they have any tension around any body area which is very common.
Color Therapy
Susie Gower
St Albans –
0208 530 1146
Reflexology, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Marianne Kyprianou
Southgate – N14
Belsize Park- NW3
Central London- W1
Marianne combines a bespoke therapeutic massage and includes Creative Healing with each treatment, which will leave you feeling uplifted relaxed and revitalized and stress free.


07929 207 842
Creative Healing
Crystal healing
Massage therapy
Avni Trivedi
Central London
North London
West London
Avni Trivedi is an osteopath, Paediatric osteopath, zero balancer and trainee doula.
She is passionate about healthcare, and continues to develop her clinical skills with teaching at the British School of Osteopathy.

She recently completed a Msc Paediatric Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.

Avni has worked at a variety of settings and has gained experience of treating elderly people, babies, tradesmen, office workers, athletes and yogis. She enjoys working with other practitioners in the fields of obstetrics, paediatrics, complementary therapy and movement.


07961 123 719
Cranial and Paediatric Osteopathy
Zero Balancing
Claudia A. Pfeiffer (Heilpraktikerin)
Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany.
Claudia A. Pfeiffer is licensed Heilpraktiker – she runs her own practice focusing on female health. With her holistic approach to female health, she guides her patients through all stages of their life as a woman; including pregnancy and as a certified doula also emotionally through the birth process. More information on Claudia is available at:, Phone +49-6897-95 22 734

Claudia A. Pfeiffer ist Heilpraktikerin in eigener Praxis mit Schwerpunkt Frauengesundheit. Sie begleitet Patientinnen ganzheitlich auf ihrem Lebensweg als Frau; so auch in und durch die Schwangerschaft und als ausgebildete Doula emotional durch Geburt. Weiterführende Informationen:, Tel. +49 (0) 6897 / 95 22 734
+49 (0) 6897 / 95 22 734
Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Cell Salt Therapy (Dr. Schüßler)
CQM (Chinese Quantum Method) and
Systemic work
Judith Kulesza
Düsseldorf – Köln – Bonn
Judith is licensed midwife, natural healer and yoga teacher. She runs her own practice since 1990. With creative healing and fertility-massages, herbs, nutrition guidelines, fertility-yoga, mental and psychologic attendance, creative visualisation and prenatal-yoga, she works with women and couples who want to get pregnant and with those who are pregnant and wish a gentle and natural birth. For more information, please visit or call 0049 211 56658155.

Judith ist als staatlich examinierte Hebamme, Heilpraktikerin und Yogalehrerin seit 1990 selbständig in eigener Praxis. Sie bietet Frauen und Paaren mit Creative Healing, Fruchtbarkeitsmassage, Pflanzenheilkunde, Ernährungsberatung, Fruchtbarkeitsyoga, Kreativem Visualisieren, Geburtsvorbereitender Massage und körperbewußter Geburtsvorbereitung mit Yoga Unterstützung vom Kinderwunsch bis zum Wunschkind an. Mehr Infos auf oder 0049 211 56658155.


0049 211 56658155
Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization
Creative Healing Massage
Fertility-Massage / Fruchtbarkeitmassage
Fertility-Yoga / Fruchtbarkeitsyoga
Hypno Birthing
Touch for Health
Yoga Nidra & Visualisation
Julia Uschkoreit
Germany –
Bonn and Köln
Julia Uschkoreit ist Heilpraktikerin in eigener Praxis in der Bonner Altstadt. Mit Ihrer Arbeit unterstützt sie sowohl Frauen und Paare mit Kinderwunsch, als auch Frauen in der Zeit während der gesamten Schwangerschaft. Als „Handwerkszeug“ um Heilung möglich zu machen und den Weg zu einer sanften, freundlichen und natürlichen Geburt zu unterstützen, kombiniert sie verschiedene Therapien. Dazu gehören v.a. die Akupunktur und Chinesische Medizin, das Creative Healing und die Fruchtbarkeitsmassage auf Basis des Creative Healing. Gerne steht sie zu Fragen und für weitere Informationen unter der Nummer 0049-228-30 40 99 54 zur Verfügung.

Julia Uschkoreit is licensed alternative practitioner (Heilpraktikerin) and runs her own practice in the historic city centre of Bonn, Germany. She treats women and couples with the desire for a child as well as women during the whole time of pregnancy. In order to make healing possible and to support the way to a gentle, friendly and natural birth, she uses a „set of tools“ and combines various therapies. These include acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, Creative Healing and fertility-massages (on the basis of Creative Healing). Julia is available for questions and further information at: +49 228 30 40 99 54

Bonn and Köln

+49 228 30 40 99 54`
Creative Healing
Creative Healing
Fruchtbarkeitsmasage/ Fertility Massage
Massagen in der Schwangerschaft und zur Geburtsvorbereitung
Sara Wood
Sara Wood
South & West London area – Battersea, Balham, Clapham, Chelsea, Fulham, Lambeth, Notting Hill, Putney, Richmond, Southwark, Tooting, Wandsworth, Earslfield Wimbeldon
Sara’s practice is divided into three areas:

– Pregnancy and Postnatal Care – from Pre-conception, Prenatal & Postnatal Pregnancy, Birth Preparation and Labour & Postnatal Support

– General Practice – Key areas of expertise are: Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Digestive Problems, Sleep and Mobility issues

– Babies and Children – Self help techniques and reflexology is given to help a full range of symptoms including colic, digestive problems, skin issues, bedwetting or sleep difficulties.

Sara has been working as a Complementary Practitioner since 2001. She has enriched her skills and experience and focused her practice in supporting women through all stages of pregnancy; from pre conception, through pregnancy, and the postnatal period. Sara underwent Maternity Reflexology training with Susanne Enzer, who is a worldwide recognised author, Midwife and teacher of Maternity Reflexology. She was also trained by Dr Gowri Motha, (founder of the ‘Gentle Birth Method ‘) and taught by Suzanne Yates from ‘Well Mother’ , a guiding light in Pre and Postnatal massage.

She has developed a successful practice in the South & West London area. The majority of her clients are through word of mouth or from referrals by local midwife teams and other alternative therapy practitioners. Sara offers a holistic and individualised programme of support by using reflexology, acupressure, yoga assisted stretching, massage, diet, breathwork, self-hypnosis and visualization techniques. Self -help exercises and techniques are also shown and given. Sara runs individual sessions with birth partners, giving them a ‘toolbox’ of massage, pain relieving and relaxation techniques to help through labour. Sara also runs one-to-one and group Baby Massage courses.

South West London

07970 729 738
Gentle Birth Practitioner
Maternity Reflexologist
Preconception, Pregnancy and Postnatal Therapist
Kiran Grover
NW London
As well as being a Gentle Birth Method mother twice thanks to Debbie I run a busy Homeopathic practice in Northwood where I have a special interest in women’s health. As well as being a fully qualified Homeopath I am trained in Fore-Sight Preconception care and I run a pregnancy programme through my clinic.

Kiran Grover has over 4 years training in Homeopathy and is a fully qualified registered Homeopath, she is the Vice Chairman of the Society of Homeopaths Society of Homeopaths, an occasional Lecturer at the Centre for Homeopathic Education London and a trained Mentor with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. The Healthy Homeopathy Clinic was selected as one of the top 100 mumpreneur businesses in the UK for 2011 and 2012,

Kiran’s training was diverse rooted in both the classical and practical styles of Homeopathic practice, Kiran believes that this has helped her become a more rounded Homeopath. She uses Homeopathy, tinctures, flower remedies and tissue salts in her practice to ensure that her patients are fully supported towards better health, she has a particular interest in women’s health. She is a third generation Homeopath and comes from a family of Homeopaths. Before becoming a professional Homeopath Kiran worked on developing food and environmental policy in Whitehall.

B.A Honours in History of Art and Archaeology, University of London
M.A in History of Art and Archaeology, University of London
LCHE Licentiate of the Centre for Homeopathic Education

Foresight Pre-Conception Practitioner

Mentor with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs

Vice Chairman of the Society of Homeopaths
RSHom Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths


07983 788762
Jill Taylor Ali
Jill has over 10 Years experience in Complementary Therapies and has worked in Clinics across Lancashire. She now specialises in treatments for Pre-Pregnancy (Conception), Pregnancy and Birth.
After experiencing a ‘Holistic’ Pregnancy and Birth herself she is dedicated in providing similar experiences for others.
Living a ‘holistic’ lifestyle is something that is achievable for everyone; and pregnancy and birth does not need to be any different. Regardless of where your birth may take place, practicing a wonderful ‘holistic’ pregnancy and creating time to enjoy it is possible.
In this day and age, everyone ‘rushes around’ and nobody has ‘time’ anymore for anything. There is no balance and harmony within work and life. Pregnancy should be a time of joy and one of peace and tranquility. Baby should feel safely cocooned from stresses and strains and Mum should feel able to relax and enjoy her experience.
This is somethime I strive to give to Mum-to-Be… Relaxation and calmness in an otherwise very busy world.
Jill practices out of various clinics within Lancashire and is some cases can also provide mobile treatments too.
Jill is a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists


Pre-Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Post-Pregnancy Massage
Remedial Massage

Fertility Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology
Brandi Jordan
Los Angeles,CA and New York
I am a therapist, clinical social worker, certified post-partum doula, board certified lactation consultant

Los Angeles

Los Angeles
United States
psychotherapy; doula; lactation