Birth Attendance Service

If you wish to have specialised treatments that make you comfortable and help with the progress of your labour then it is appropriate to book a Gentle Birth Method practitioner to attend you during your labour and birth.

We offer this service in addition to the services offered by the NHS or private obstetric or midwifery care.

Our team of practitioners prepare mothers for as gentle a birth as possible on a regular basis throughout pregnancy by offering birth preparation classes that include Self Hypnosis and Visualisation and Yoga based gentle birthing movements.

The birth attendance service is available to Gentle Birth mothers who attend our clinic and classes. Our practitioners can be booked in advance to attend and look after you during birth at home or in hospital.

Our treatment schedule for birth preparation is an optimal 12 week programme. This helps our mothers to overcome the physical stresses of modern lifestyles.

Our birth support begins with your labour. When we receive your phone call informing us that labour has commenced our practitioner will be with you within an hour and then help you to relax and establish your labour contractions. This is achieved by a combination of hands-on reflexology and creative healing massage techniques. We help you to manage contractions by massaging key areas on your sacrum and back. We also offer you mental and emotional support by helping you visualise your cervix opening efficiently and your pelvis opening easily. We also coach you on how to breathe through the contractions and when you are fully dilated to help you breathe your baby out. If you need medical intervention we will be with you and support you throughout and remain with you till your baby is skin to skin with you on your breast and you are all comfortable and happy.


Gentle Birth practitioners: £1500
£750 deposit on-call fee (non-refundable) with balance of £750 payable after birth. This fee applies to a maximum of 12 hours of hands-on birth support. Any additional hours will be charged at £50 per hour.

Emergency birth and post natal support
If you need birth support even though you have not pre-booked you can call the office on 020 8530 1146 and check the availability of our practitioners and you will be charged at home visit rates for the required number of hours. Minimum 2 hours home visit rate of £200 will apply.