More Information on Post Natal

Home visits can be arranged two to three times a week for 40 days post natally

Post Natal Massage and Tummy wraps

Ayurvedic post natal programme in London

40 days after the birth is considered the Fourth Trimester of Pregnancy and is referred to as ” The Sacred Window”

We can adapted the traditional Ayurvedic programme that is time honoured in India for our London mothers.

Our programme promotes quick physiological recovery after birth to make the mother strong and healthy.

Home visits:  2 – 3 times a week or more according to your needs

Full body Ayurvedic warm oil massage along with specific organ treatments using Creative Healing techniques to tone up the abdomen, uterus and the heart as they return to their pre-pregnant shape, size and tone.

The tummy wrap is performed with  4 or 8 meters of fine folded linen. This stays on for 24 hours until the next days shower.  The wrap is re-applied immediately after the shower for a further 24 hours.

Post Natal treatments – The Jeyarani Way –  Gentle Birth Method – Bespoke Packages

Tailoured to your individual needs for the Sacred Post Natal Window of 40 days.

Ayurvedic post-natal massage treatments, herbs and eating plans.




Post Natal eating plan

Immediately after giving birth, the mother’s abdominal organs and specially the stomach and intestines are as soft as cotton wool in recovery mode and they need to be treated with special care.
The food eaten at this time needs to be easy to digest or bloating occurs and the baby might also experience colic.

Home visits and cookery  demonstration can be arranged with our Ayurvedic Doctor 4 Hours £360

Traditional Ayurvedic Postnatal Science is called “Prasoothi Tantra”
In Indian traditional households, a trained postnatal Kumari (doula- nurse) comes to stay with the mother and baby for 90 days after the birth.
The mother is massaged daily with herbal oils and then bathed with herbal waters and given specific food to eat.
The mother also receives a herbal smoke fumigation for her head for protection and the perineum for healing.
Steam applications are applied lightly on the mother’s abdomen to reduce swelling.
The mother’s abdomen is then bound firmly but comfortably from below the ribs, all the way down to just above the bikini line daily for 90 days.
The binding stays on for 24 hours till the next morning’s massage and bath.

The baby is also massaged with special techniques.