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Homeopathic Tisse Salt Programme

During pregnancy the baby acquires certain salts from the mother’s system. This programme helps to make good any maternal salt deficiencies and helps the baby with its salt requirement.

Remedies: (6c potency)

Calc. Fluor. – for bone development and elasticity of connective tissue (helps prevent stretch marks)

Mag. Phos. – for hearburn and nerve development

Ferr. Phos. – for blood oxygenation

Nat. Mur. – helps control salt, and therefore fluid balance, and helps prevent swollen ankles.

Silica – for teeth, bones, hearing and general strength.

The Jeyarani Homeopathic Tissue Salts are especially formulated into one tablet – so you just need to take one of the specified remedy for that month of pregnancy, twice a day.

In the late 1990’s, a Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of 8 non-calorific sugars that make up cell membrane receptors which are necessary for cell-to-cell communication. In nature, all these 8 essential sugars should be available to us through the food that we eat.  However, due to the storage of fresh produce and undesirable modern farming methods, our food is lacking in some of these nutrients.

During pregnancy, these essential sugars are important for the development of the foetus and help the pancreas to normalise maternal insulin production, reducing the risk of gestational diabetes. Therefore, Dr Motha recommends them to her mothers during pregnancy, but they are optional and not part of the general nutritional guidelines.

(Ambrotose is made by Mannatech)