Nutritional Guidelines

In order for you to have an optimum-sized baby for your pelvis size, it is important that you eat moderately during pregnancy. Moreover, the type of foods that you eat can affect the degree to which your pelvis is congested, which then has an impact on the ease of giving birth. These nutritional guidelines have been developed with these factors in mind:

Dr Motha recommends that all her expectant mothers adhere to the following nutritional guidelines:

  • Cut out sugar and all refined carbohydrates i.e. cakes, biscuits, chocolate, puddings etc. If you want something sweet, you can have two teaspoons of maple syrup or honey per day. (Note: do not heat or add honey to very hot drinks as it becomes toxic when heated)
  • Try to exclude wheat from your diet – use alternatives such as rye bread, corn, potato, barley, oats or Kamut
  • Only one cup of cooked carbohydrates e.g. rice at every meal
  • For every portion of carbohydrates balance it with three portions of vegetables
  • Only three fruit portions allowed per day and a small glass (150ml) of pure fruit juice. (Note: avoid bananas (mucus producing), grapes and mangoes (these are too high in calories)
  • Avoid fizzy and commercial drinks – too high in sugar and artificial sweeteners. Moreover, the carbonic acid in fizzy drinks depletes your body of calcium and you need all the calcium you can get during pregnancy
  • Remember, you only need 200 extra calories per day during pregnancy
  • Drink two litres of water (at room temperature) every day
  • Recommended supplements during pregnancy are:
    • a general “pregnancy” vitamin, mineral and trace element supplement
    • good quality probiotics
    • Jeyarani herbal tea
    • Jeyarani Baladi Choornam drink
    • Dhanwantaram pills (available from Jeyarani)
    • Homeopathic Tissue Salt Programme (available from Jeyarani)

Note: The reasons behind the Jeyarani Nutritional Guidelines and some recipes are set out further in the book ‘The Gentle Birth Method – month by month programme and in the Dietary Guidelines and Recipe Book for Pregnancy booklet’.