Bowen Technique

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The Bowen Technique is a wonderfully effective therapy for just about any troubles you may have and it is also a treat to receive, because it is so gentle and relaxing. The technique was developed by a gifted and innovative therapist called Tom Bowen in Australia during the 1950s and has only been taught in the UK relatively recently.

How does it work?
It is thought that Bowen simply “re-connects” parts of the body with the brain, using the many receptors distributed throughout the body. In this way, the precise minimal moves bring about an unblocking of communication and energy pathways, so that the body can naturally heal itself.

What is a treatment like?
The practitioner, using thumbs and fingers, makes very gentle, rolling-type moves over precise points on the body. These gentle moves aim to disturb the muscles, soft tissue and energy within the body. Then, as a standard part of the Bowen Technique, the client is left resting to give the body time to incorporate the moves that have just been performed. This pause allows the body’s different systems to respond to the moves. After a break of a couple of minutes, the practitioner will apply another small set of moves and then leave the client again and so on, until the treatment session is finished.

Bowen in pregnancy
Bowen can begin at any time during pregnancy and it is safe and non-invasive. Bowen has particular uses for relieving back pain and sciatica.

Bowen is also particularly useful for re-aligning the pelvis, and we recommend it around 33-34 weeks of pregnancy before the baby’s head is engaged. This correction of any pelvic tilt encourages and helps the baby’s head to engage within the pelvis and rotate easily within the birthing canal to an occipito-anterior position, which is the optimum position for vaginal birth (see the case study below).

We also advise a treatment at 39 weeks to help the baby’s head drop down further into the pelvis.

If the baby is overdue, certain gentle Bowen moves on the coccyx can be done to encourage labour.

Note: We recommend, when possible, that Bowen is received on two consecutive weeks and preferably not on the same day as Reflexology.

Case Study: The use of Bowen treatment on pregnant women

Mrs A, 32 year old pregnant mother (first time mother).

On examination of Mrs A it was found that her sacrum had a pelvic tilt. After Mrs A had a pelvic treatment with the Bowen technique, there was an immediate restoration in the tilt to a perfect horizontal line. This also automatically corrected her uneven shoulders. Mrs A went on to have a good vaginal delivery in six hours.