Carrie’s Birth Story

carrie_babyrobynDear Marina, Ingrid and Gowri,

I have been meaning to write this card for the last three months as I wanted to say the biggest THANK YOU I could ever say to you three wonderful women.

Gowri, the visualisation and relaxation/hypnotherapy techniques you introduced in the first four weeks of the class were invaluable and I still use them today for various situations.

Marina, the weekly reading of birth rehearsal was just so powerful. I heard your voice the whole way through my labour and it made me feel so calm, relaxed and in control.

Ingrid, your classes were the best yoga classes in the world, they were informative, fun, helpful, interesting, warm and engaging. Through them I gained confidence in myself, my body and my baby and for this I cannot thank you enough.

Before I got pregnant, I always thought that I would opt for an elective c-section as I had heard so many horror stories about child birth. But due to the three of you and your combined efforts that fear was replaced with excitement and anticipation and, as a result, I was able to have a water birth with no intervention at all. I feel very proud of myself and know that I have the three of you to thank. Any ladies who partake in your course are the luckiest of them all.

I hope the NHS continues to offer your fantastic services and I know I would recommend it in a heartbeat. I hope I can be part of your classes again in a few years!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carrie and little Robyn Somoma
February 2017

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H. C.’s Birth Story

Hi Gowri,
I had a healthy baby girl at home on June 14th, went into labor on the 13th June 2016 (my due date) and she was born just after midnight. It was a wonderful and completely gentle birth. So gentle that she was fast asleep when she came out. Thank you so much for your help along the way, it was a dream pregnancy and birth. She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces . I’m on cloud nine with my baby girl, she’s even an amazing sleeper. I have to wake her at 3am to feed otherwise she’s stays asleep.
Please know that you have a place to stay in Venice Beach if you come out to LA. I would love to introduce you to my midwives and other wonderful birth specialists that I’ve met along the way. You should really bring the gentle birth method here, moms would love it.
Lots of love
H. C.

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Mother from California

Dear Gowri – I gave birth to my daughter on February 24, 2016. Obviously my husband and I are in bliss with our newborn! I wanted to tell you Gowri how grateful I am for your guidance during my pregnancy, and how important your teachings have been to me.
The biggest changes that I made after speaking with you and reading your book were dietary. Cutting out gluten and sugar has been wonderful. Taking additional supplements during my pregnancy was also fantastic for me. I made other dietary changes as well, like cutting out rice and rice products as much as possible, and have had no caffeine for about a year now.
I gave birth at home in a birthing tub to a big baby—8lbs 15 oz. Only my husband, the midwife, and her assistant were present. I had contractions all night but I went into active labor around 6:30 AM and my daughter was born at 12:48 PM. I pushed for less than one hour, which was half the time my midwife expected for a first time mom. I chose to stay at home in my bedroom with the baby for 6 weeks. Even the paediatrician came to my home so I wouldn’t have to take the baby into the office. I feel very good!

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Terry’s Birth Story

TerryLoongJust to let you know my baby has arrived earlier than expected …. About 3 weeks earlier Smiling face with smiling eyes.

My mucous plug came away last Tuesday and by Thursday morning, I started to feel early contractions which intensified throughout the day and by 5:30pm, I was in full blown active labour. By the time we got to the hospital at 7pm, I was fully dilated and ready to have the baby. They didn’t have time to move me to another room so I delivered in the triage room.

I was grateful for a very skilled midwife come on duty when I arrived (18 years experience) and she really supported me through correct breathing technique so I directed my energy properly to pushing my baby out, correct positioning to minimise tear and baby was delivered naturally at 8:26pm on Thursday 21st April 2016 weighing 2.56kg.

I only had Entonox which mainly helped regulate my breathing and my husband Kurt was a rock and a great supporter through this whole experience.

The preparation I did with Gowri, Gail and the team definitely helped me with a quick labour and delivery with minimal complications.

I only had a small 1st degree tear which was sutured and I lost only 250ml of blood despite my fibroids.

I stayed overnight in the hospital – grateful we managed to get our own room but the toilet was a walk away which was fine too so it encouraged me to move a little and prevent any clots. I did have trouble passing water at the beginning which they wanted to pass a catheter in my bladder which I refused and luckily after 3 hours of discomfort, I was passing urine about every hour.

Next day, I got Annette to come in to help me with the breast feeding and I was discharged at 4pm the following day.

Baby and mummy recovering at home at the moment – doing the 30 day confinement period at home according to Chinese Culture mixed in with a little Gentle Birth 1st year recovery philosophies Smiling face with smiling eyes. The Chinese way forbid a woman to shower or wash their hair for 30 days so I’m just doing wipe downs and cleaning my bottom area every day.

Baby feeding very well and passing good poos and wet nappies. Exclusively breast feeding and breast seems to be producing good amounts of milk.

Vagina area slowly healing but perineum still sore. Have a 3rd degree haemorrhoid from the delivery which I hope will settle in time. Just using Anusol to try to shrink it. Cleaning the area with salt solutions and witchhazel.

Grateful my husband works from home so he’s been a real support and my mother-in-law has been cooking food for us and getting herbs in to make me detox teas and strengthening soups.

Also, I only finished my last day in clinic the Friday before so essentially I only had 1 week of maternity leave before Matthew came instead of 4 which I had planned. And even then, I still feel strong in myself, I’m recovering quickly – able to sit, squat and cross my legs on day 4 post delivery. The preparation definitely paid off.

So all in all …. All good progress and great outcome!!

Terry Loong

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Sofia’s Birth Story

My dearest Gowri,
I wanted to let you know that on Saturday, 5th March, I gave birth to this adorable baby girl who we have called Ophelia. I can’t thank you enough for all the preparation I had for the birth, it really was amazing. I got to hospital already 8cm dilated and then resorted to the walking epidural, pushed for 35 mins and she was out in no time with minimal tear!! She came to the world at 38 weeks but weighing 7.9 pounds, 51cm long and looking perfect! I am certain this outcome had A LOT to do with your programme and I am so grateful to have followed it all throughout my pregnancy. It was a blissful pregnancy and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I have now received the Gentle Birth Method – the first year book and will start reading that!!!!!
Thank you so much.
Lots of love
Sofia Corrêa de Sá Stratton

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Alexa’s Birth Story

I am so pleased that we decided to follow The Gentle Birth Method programme as it gave my husband and I the confidence in having a natural birth. Dr Gowri Motha’s Self-Hypnosis classes were phenomenal in allowing us to visualise the actual birth in the calmest way possible, and when it came to the day of our sons birth, this technique allowed me to deliver with total focus. On the day I went into labour, I had been practicing many of Francois Freedman’s Pregnancy Yoga techniques at home that I had learnt in her excellent classes I had attended in London. Being a Yoga Teacher myself I was deeply grateful to learn from such a leading light in our industry, and she has further inspired me to learn more about teaching pregnancy yoga as a specialist subject. In the end, I delivered our beautiful baby boy in the hospital in less than five hours, with no pain relief whatsoever, and no gas and air. Thank you so much to the whole team of women who work for The Gentle Birth Programme and especially to Kaisa who assisted us on the day itself with amazing massage, reflexology and homeopathic remedies.

Alexa Kho-Hinkson